The third gourmet nest of Swiss chef Andreas Caminada, IGNIV opened in Niederdorf, in the historical centre of Zurich, at the Marktgasse Hotel. The interior design sets the stage of this historical house. The elegant dining room is dressed in heavy velvet curtains and a large chandelier. Lush colours, turquoise blue, saffron yellow and rust red, complement a light grey. In contrast, the tables’ shiny surfaces catch the eye, becoming the stage of IGNIV’s culinary art. The style is emphasized by creative details: fine materials, velvet, brass and marble, result in a cosy and glamorous atmosphere, while the organic forms of the chairs and semicircular sofas further add to a cocoon-like feeling.

location: zurich (ch)
sqm: 200
date: febraury 2020
client: Marktgasse
design team: caterina mancuso – nadia paloma
general contractor: tino sana
photo: maurice haas – giulia costa

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